D21/S13 Swap Question

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D21/S13 Swap Question

Postby Cloren10 » Sat May 22, 2021 12:52 pm

Hey there,

So I've been undertaking from what I can see based on browsing online is a pretty rare variant of an engine swap/modification to make a frankenengine consisting of:

1) D21 block
2) S13 crankshaft (one that came with the D21 block I got was in rough shape)
3) S13 flywheel

Ran into the issue because the D21 crankshaft has a little bit of a longer snout that there was virtually no clearance at all between the block and the transmission for the dust cover, so I left it off entirely.

Used the S13 starter and basically did a washer sandwich to get it to the appropriate length so it wasnt in constant contact with the flywheel.

But I have two questions:

1) The flywheel is close to the block. It isnt touching (damn close though), and actually when I used a breaker bar on it, it felt like it was turning freely. Is there any risk of the flywheel hitting the block once I go to start this thing and it's operating?

2) Because there isnt a dust plate, the transmission basically bolted directly to the block - meaning the bell housing and the rear of the block are physically touching each other. Since the crank is missing the snout, and the transmission is now closer to the engine, do I need to adjust the clutch pedal at all to compensate? Or is the amount the flywheel is now sitting back without the snout offset by the face the transmission is closer to the engine too?



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