Cube 1.8L engine number 3 cylinder problems??

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Cube 1.8L engine number 3 cylinder problems??

Postby wrkllc » Fri Apr 27, 2012 10:49 am

Hello, New to the Nicoclub.
I have owned Nissan Cubes now since November 2009, (purchased two at the same time) Traded in two older Nissan Maximas, one was 1993 with 275,000 and a 1994 with 267,000 miles also sold my 1991 Nissan Maxima at 427,000 and it drove away perfectly. The 93 and the 94 started having tranny slippage and a few oil leaks but engines ran great. Oh I also have a 2004 Nissan Titan no problems 52,000 miles on it.

I say all this because as you can tell I am a Nissan fan and they are good running cars/trucks, well till I purchased the cube. One cube has about 32,000 miles no issues other than craked windsheild (rock), the other my work cube (I do alot of traveling every week mostly highway miles) has 55,000 miles and just found out that the number 3 cylinder is bad and the engine must be replaced. Nissan is doing this as you read this. come to find out there is/may be a problem with some engines as they are seeing more and more of this problem always the number 3 cylinder, copression drops below 80psi, should be around 180psi and all four.

Well I am ok with the fact that Nissan is taking care of this problem which they should (oh by the way all these motor blocks must be shipped Back to Nissan Japan) hummm. Nissan Service states that if the oil changes where Not done per the manaul 3000-5000 miles then Nissan would not do these repairs!! The service manager now calls me and wants to repalce the spark plus, $149.00 change the CVT transmisson oil $420.00 16 qts @ $20.00 +++ clean the intake, and remove all the carbon, another $400.00 Now I am no dummy, but this sounds a little off the wall.

So my question to all plus any (Nissan Techs) is when I purchased these cars the sales people never stated anything about catastrophic engine failure if the oil was not changed per the book. and Now that synthethic oil much be used (They have switched over to Mobil 1) and or the yearly maintenance for the Cube would be around the $2000.00 per year mark. Which part of this is about every 12000 miles the CVT oil must be changed. That why my Nissan Maximas etc.. ran so well with just routine maintenance per the book and that it was no where near $2000.00 per year?

Anyone else seeing these kind of numbers and or problems out there. Oh by the way a New CVT transmission was $16,000.00 now about $6,000 was just told. I told Nissan service I only paid $17,800.00 for the whole car in 09. I just hope that my other cube doesn't have these problems as well and that the repairs are done correctly.

P.S. The Cube windshield angle is a rock magnet, I have no less than 7 rock hits with cracks all over getting it replaced next but afraid becuase of highway driving 65-80mph the angle it will break again.

Sorry for the rant but everyone needs to be on their toes.

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