Coupe Midpipe + Axle Back (Rear Section)

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Coupe Midpipe + Axle Back with 2007 350Z HR y-pipe

Postby tollboothwilley » Sun Jun 01, 2008 5:12 pm

Type: y-pipe + Midpipe + Axle Back

Brand: 2007 350Z HR Y-Pipe/Infiniti Coupe Midpipe/HKS Rear Sport Muffler

Models: 2007 350Z HR/Legolis/HKS Sport Muffler(2003-2006 sedans)

Pros: Sounds great, More HP/TQ, Looks good, Cost Effective

Cons: I can't think of any...

Bought at/Price: $40 for the midpipe(craigslist), $370 shipped for HKS from THMotorsports, $90 shipped for the 350Z HR y-pipe

Comments: I like it. I think its a great cost effective solution with a great sound. Not too loud but still sounds mean. Great sound with intake & spacer as well.

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