Check engine light on/ Heat not working

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Check engine light on/ Heat not working

Postby harcorp33 » Thu Jan 28, 2016 10:08 pm

I own an Infinti G35x. my engine cut off after my check engine light came on. over the past month it came on and went off 4 times. After i came on the 4th time the car began to stall when i tried to accelerate and i would hear a clicking kind of noise and then my car would eventually shut off. I took it to the shop and the did an obd test. They told me i needed a new mass air flow sensor, new O2 sensors, I replaced the mass air flow sensor as advised because they said that ma clear up the other codes. Car still had same issue. after another obd test they get a new code that was not there before. (P1217). Now this could be a number of things. They proceed to tell me i now need a cooling fan control module, new engine thermostat, cooling system flush, and new radiator fan motors. As advised i had them replace the thermostat, do a system flush. at this time they tell me i have air in my system so i tell them to take care of that. My car has been there for 4 days now. I got it back today and i still have no heat. Is it just me or should they have checked for air in the system before they started replacing parts? Can air in the system cause sensors to read bad on the obd test? Also my fans seem to be working fine which leads me to believe that they are guessing at what the problem is rather than trouble shooting the issue and finding out exactly what wrong with my heat. What do you guys think? Am I wrong? How can i fix this issue?
Please Help...

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Re: Check engine light on/ Heat not working

Postby telcoman » Fri Jan 29, 2016 6:17 am

harcorp33 wrote:Hello,
What do you guys think? Am I wrong? How can i fix this issue?
Please Help...
Using cheap unqualified shops to diagnose Infiniti problems often have an unhappy ending

Dealers charge more because they have factory trained technicians that have experienced almost every problem and can fix it.

Take it to a dealer and if they tell you whoever worked on your vehicle made errors or used incorrect parts, request a charge back on your credit card for shoddy workmanship. Get everything in writing

Buying cheap usually results in buying twice

Good luck


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