Can't figure this noise out

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Can't figure this noise out

Postby dsvw » Sat Oct 02, 2021 10:06 am

Hi, I have a 2013 G37X with 86K miles on it.

I just replaced the front right cv axle. I used a cardone 666282 replacement part. The car ran great for a couple hundred miles until it started making a grinding, squeaking metal on metal.

I tightened the center nut on the cv axle, took the brake caliper off, flushed all of the brake fluid, and cleaned the brakes and rotors. The car ran great, no noise, for a couple hundred miles and now the sound is back again.

The center nut on the cardone axle is different than the factory nut on the other front axle. The replacement looks like a washer and a nut in one. When I spin my wheel hub, with the entire brake assembly off and the wheel hub/bearings on, it squeaks and grinds. Keep in mind I just replaced that wheel bearing about 20K miles ago.

I sprayed some PB blaster behind the large nut that holds the wheel hub/bearings in. The sound went away.
Should there be a washer or something behind that nut. I can't find anything on the internet that shows otherwise.

I have been chasing this problem the majority of the summer. The large cv axle nut is very tight, and there is no play in the hub. Why does the squealing go away when I spray the PB blaster between the hub and the nut? Am I missing a washer?

I can't figure this one out. Please help if you have any ideas.

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