California 1984 carburetor on a 1986 720 model

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California 1984 carburetor on a 1986 720 model

Postby NorCalNissan720 » Tue Mar 09, 2021 9:29 pm

Hey all. I have a 1986 nissan 720, build date 6/1986. NAPZ 2.4L. 2wd 5-speed.

I did the mixture solenoid test (ohm and apply 12v) and nothing happens on either test.

Pulled the carb apart, and this thing is junk. It had been "rebuilt" at some point, I can tell from scratches on the surfaces from scraping gasket, mangled screw heads, looks like a missing plug over the secondary slow jet (has #100 on it). I basically broke the MC solenoid top off trying to get it out, so the rest is stuck in the top.

Here's the questions:
I bought a carburetor just now from another 2wd california model, 1984 though, and has no float vent pipe. I'm assuming this will not be an issue?

Also, jet size the same between 84 and 86?

And, is the MC solenoid the same?

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