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Postby Dustin792 » Mon Oct 09, 2017 3:57 pm

hello everyone,

before I get into it here is a rundown of what I have.
1989 Nissan 240sx CA18DET
wiring specialties pro harness
nistune type 1 board installed
deatchwerks 800cc low impedence injectors
splitfire coils
walbro fuel pump

ok so a while back I bought this 240sx with a ton of add ons from a guy who just didn't get around to finishing it,
I had to build it from scratch and when I got around to the wiring portion I realized the engine harness was mangled so rather then fix it I purchased the pro harness and since I already had the z32 MAF I had them prewire the harness for use with it. so basically my issue is that I have this upgraded stuff on the vehicle, I haven't been able to start it in stock form to set the timing. I can get the car to run with the MAF unplugged(it will die if I hit the gas to much) but I don't think your supposed to set the timing with it unplugged? anyhow I guess my question is can I still get this car running properly using nistune even though I haven't really had the option to run it stock and set the timing and what not? nistune noob btw. thanks in advance

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