Brake system letter to G-35 owners

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Brake system letter to G-35 owners

Postby autotech43 » Thu Nov 27, 2003 5:37 pm

There needs to be some clarification on the letter customers are receiving. First thing they do NOT cover the brembo brake systems. We have had many of the G-35's have premature brake wear and Infiniti has been addressed the concern by customers, and us technicians as well. We have many G-35's visit our service department daily, and I have yet to see the Brembo brake system have a premature brake wear concern. Infiniti has extended the brake warranty to the 36/36, although customers need to know that if the brake pads are NOT worn to the minimum thickness of 3MM, it does not require the dealer to replace the brake pads. What we are seeing in the real world, the brake rotors are of a soft material, and are wearing a severe concave wear pattern in the rotors. The wear is to a point of you cannot machine SOME of the front rotors due to it will be beyond the minimum thickness of .886 of an inch. We techs are hand tied as to the repair of the brake systems due to the Infiniti guidelines as what we can and cannot perform on the vehicle. I am GLAD that they did step up to the plate and extend the brake warranty. My advise would be to drive and enjoy your G-35, and have the brake pads and rotors checked everytime you have the vehicle serviced, if there are a brake issue, address the concern then, and Infiniti will cover what is necessary to repair the brake system. Another note is they DO cover either the front or rear brake system, whichever is the concern. Several of our Infiniti customers have wondered and asked, how many miles should you get on a set of brakes, and the CORRECT answer is, you CANNOT put a mileage stamp on any brake system, regardless of manufacturer, type of brake system,etc! Give you an example, one of my Q-45 customers is a traveling salesman. We performed the 60k maintenance on his vehicle and have yet to replace the brake pads on the front or the rear. Why? Because he travels throughout the southeastern states and most of the mileage is interstate driven, so in turn the brakes are used at the minimum level. On the other side of that scenario, we have a customer with a G-20 and runs a paper route delivering the newspaper, he might get 7,500 miles (if he's lucky)from his front pads. Remember, it is a letter of extending the warranty and not a campaign related issue. Again, I will state that Infiniti has stepped up to the concern, and our taking care of our customers, with the many years of Nissan/Infiniti service experience, that is what its all about! I've always been told, take care of the customer, and they will take care of you. can't get any plainer than that. Have a Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

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Postby PalmerWMD » Thu Nov 27, 2003 5:37 pm


Thanks for the update!I will copy this into Infinti articles.

I shows what a classy company we are fans of!


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