Bachelor Life..ugh..320 update

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Bachelor Life..ugh..320 update

Postby Li'l Truckie » Fri Jul 18, 2014 5:43 am

Hey there 320 fans,

Li'l Truckie just checking in. Right now 2 x PhD classes, and no family (there on some "clothing is optional' beach on the Baltic Sea), 2 x voracious 20lbs+ Maine Coone cats, a hermit crab that won't stop molting, 3 x broken lawn mowers (thanks son), and a mole that has turned my yard into the Western Front of WWI has left me with little time for the 320s.

I'll get back at it over the weekend and do some catching up.

So here is quick update from the 320 side.

The '64 is finally running on its own. Thought I had some generator issues, but B&C Truck electronics in KCMO says it check out fine.

Bigger and more important news is I located a place, Hunt Electronics, in KCMO that was able to verify and adjust my one OE Hitachi Voltage Regulator, ~$10!, heck of a deal, and then verify my other voltage regulator needs a new copper coiling. Heading back after lunch today to have Glenn and Joseph verify and adjust my third Hitachi VR for Whitey, the '63.

On a VR side note - Moss Motor offers both a solid state (no adjustment needed) and OE unadjusted Lucas type VR that you can adjust yourself or pay them to adjust for you. Price is outrageous for them to adjust it on the bench, but much better doing this way over adjusting it on your car. So $10 is a heck of a deal. Let me know if you need any more info on this one.

Distributor Update. The Lucas D45 Distributor from the MG -A,B, Midget and AH - Sprite, 100-4 match up pretty close. I picked up the Flame Thrower Electronic Ignition (~$239) and just need to hook it up. So might wait before ordering one. For now the Shaft length, diameter, and drive cog are an exact match for the OE Hitachi D406. So going with the new Lucas type 45 with points (~$99, come complete) or the EI looks to be permit and modern update over the Hitachi (even though I will try to maintain the OE Hitachi).


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