ATI Grill Install VIDEO with review.

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ATI Grill Install VIDEO with review.

Postby Rubik » Mon Mar 19, 2012 6:11 pm

Here is a DIY I did for the ATI grill on a Z12 Nissan Cube. The grill can be purchased from Spencer at I really love this grill. Even, more I love the fact that when the Cube community posted their thoughts to ATI after they made their first prototype, ATI went back and made another prototype based on the communities suggestions. To me, that it true customer appreciation. Most companies would say that sucks that we didn't make what you wanted the first go around.... but that's what you got. To me that makes them an upstanding company and totally worth supporting.

Two links: One is Vimeo, and the other is youtube. I know some people have problems viewing Vimeo videos, but to me it is the superior quality site.

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