ARQ vs HOMELINK Garage Door Remote Openers

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ARQ vs HOMELINK Garage Door Remote Openers

Postby boypony » Wed Nov 20, 2019 3:26 pm

Greetings to All-
This is my 1st post as a new owner of a 2019 Rogue Sport SL. It came with the frameless auto dim mirror option. The manual has instructions on how to program the opener buttons.......that are WRONG.
The manual is for Homelink brand remotes, when in fact my mirror
(factory installed on window sticker- $305 option) is an ARQ brand remote.

After an hour of trying to get my garage to open trying the instructions in the owners manual, I noticed my mirror did not even look like the one in the book. It only has the 3 door buttons and a lite. NO other buttons to turn the auto dim on/off. (Appears it is now always on so they deleted those buttons.)

Anyways....the programming is TOTALLY different for the new ARQ remotes! It is ALOT easier since you no longer need an old garage door remote to program it. All you need is your car and a garage door opener with a LEARN button. Super easy. Took like 2 minutes.

So for any of you struggling to get your new Nissan to open your old opener here is a link to the page I used.
Hope this helps ....I tried searching but did not find any reference to the "NEW" style ARQ mirror remotes.

Here's the link- ... ener/learn

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