Altima Classifieds Links - Post your For Sale Items Here

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Altima Classifieds Links - Post your For Sale Items Here

Postby SHIFT_COUPE » Thu Jul 24, 2008 4:29 am

This thread is to be used to link your item for sale in the correct classified section on NICO.


There are two steps to posting an item here:

1. The VERY first thing you need to do is venture to the official NICO Classifieds and post your item for sale in the correct location. The classifieds section can be found here: classifieds.html

2. Come back to this thread and post a link to your thread in classifieds along with the name and price.

All questions and answers can be directed in the original thread, not here. This thread is only a means to provide further visibility for your item being sold. I also encourage you to put a link to your item being sold in your signature.

A couple ground rules:

- Item being sold MUST be Altima related. No timeshares or your old copies of Pee-wee's playhouse on DVD.

- The individual that is selling the item MUST have a minimum of 10 posts to sell an item

- Please clearly describe the item being sold.

-You MUST include a picture of the item being sold

- State your price and any contact information so a potential buyer can speak to you.

- DO NOT post questions regarding the item in this thread. Please contact the seller via email or other specified means stated by the seller. Your post will be immediately deleted.

Your item will be visible in this thread for 2 weeks, regardless if it has been sold or not. After this time period then it will be deleted.

Thanks guys!

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