Air Vent Flow Pressure Changes

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Air Vent Flow Pressure Changes

Postby Caaron01 » Wed Jul 07, 2021 7:50 am

I have a 2017 Nissan Rogue that the air vent pressure does not come out full blast. The A/C is ice cold and I can hear the blower is blowing at full speed, but it is not coming out of the vents like that. It also fluctuates where its coming out ok (still not full blast), then it will decrease pressure. I have it cranked full blast. I have checked my cabin filter and it is fine. Where else would I check to see if something is blocking air flow? Could this be the blender door?

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Re: Air Vent Flow Pressure Changes

Postby VStar650CL » Wed Jul 07, 2021 8:53 am

The blend door won't cause that but the mode door could. It's also possible the system is misbehaving because of a bad sensor. If it's Auto A/C then there will be three, Ambient, Cabin (In-car), and Intake (A/C evap temperature). If any one of them thinks the car is in Alaska or Equatorial Africa, the system will misbehave. The ambient is easy to check, it's the outside temp reading on the dash. The other two need to be checked with a top-line scanner that can connect with the HVAC Controller.

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