Aftermath of spiral cable replacement

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Aftermath of spiral cable replacement

Postby Jfpq70 » Thu Nov 08, 2018 8:15 pm

Hello. I recently had my spiral cable replaced in my 2015 QX70 because it was noisy and only a few months left on the warranty. Not a good experience. The repair did not go well and the steering wheel came loose. The dealer suggested replacing the wheel since some of the splines got messed up. Well Ok but the new wheel was not well finished and another was ordered. Better but not perfect. What is annoying me now is the turn signal canceler. It has gotten louder since the spiral cable was replaced. There is an annoying click after you start turning the wheel with the turn signal on separate from the movement of the stalk. Has anyone else noticed this noise and can suggest how to lessen it. My Q70 makes a similar noise but is much quieter and not so annoying.

Thanks for your help.

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