Aftermarket Head Unit Not Working Now

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Aftermarket Head Unit Not Working Now

Postby qrskona » Wed Oct 05, 2016 10:56 am

Hi all,

I installed (in my 2003 G35 Coupe) an aftermarket head unit with the Metra wiring harness to the Bose amp and all was good. I decided to change the Bose amp with my PDX F4 and now I am getting no power to the head unit. I unplugged the RCAs on the Metra harness from the HU and then plugged RCAs into the HU which run to the new amp. I then cut and spliced speaker wires to the speaker outputs (to each speaker) on the Bose amp harness from my new amp. Next, I spliced the remote wire on the Bose amp harness and connected it to the new amp. I left the power, ground, and all the other wires connected. Now, I get no power to the HU.

Can somebody please help me? I'm trying to think if I may have shorted or opened the circuit somehow by doing this.


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