advice on replacement struts - 2005 G35 RWD sedan

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I need recommendations on replacement struts for my G35 sedan.

I've been reading horror stories of some cheap loaded struts (with the springs) the springs can be too thick and have poor upper mounting hardware, making the car bounce harshly.

So leaning to JUST the struts and move my springs and upper mounting hardware.

BUT if you all have recommendations for a LOADED strut, please send them my way.

I thought maybe going with some KBY as that is a notable brand.

Help me please.

fontana dan
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I just put KYB shocks into the factory front struts on my Q45. Happy with the results.
I think you'll be satisfied if you keep the factory coil springs and replace the shock absorber and any rubber parts associated.
KYB make this front strut kit for 2005 G35 ... 67&jsn=887

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Okay, I will mention KYB to a friend for his incoming Q45 project. We'll see how bad the front struts are after we finished installed the headache, tonneau covers, and led light bars on the truck and clear the garage.

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