A new way of thinking... T2-low boost-high compression

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Re: A new way of thinking... T2-low boost-high compression

Postby lexcrob » Tue Dec 06, 2011 7:38 pm

The subaru guys use it alot to might wanna venture over to NOSIAC too. My buddies 06 wrx is pushing around 400hp to the wheels DAILY driven thanks to meth inject. I did his sti trans swap "with him and if he has good luck with it anyone will. Not a dumb guy but had no idea a wideband has a service life/what colder plugs are/or even how to change his spark plugs.........

Just strapped on big turbo, brought to a really good tuner who tuned it and set up the methanol allgood 2yrs i think STOCK EVERYTHING engine wise 100k even the plugs. UNBELIVEABLE! it is!!!!

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