A few noises i need to pin point

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A few noises i need to pin point

Postby Armando5642 » Wed Dec 02, 2015 12:47 am

so there are two noises in the video that are driving me nuts!

love the car, especially since its 6mt BUT these noises kills the moment of silence that we like to enjoy every now and then.

First one is at 5 and 21 seconds in the video, sounds like a loose screw or something coming from the middle dash area. Ive taken apart the whole center dash ( monitor, controls ect ) and only left the ac vents in place. Funny thing is when you sit in the driver seat, you hear it in the glove box area, and if you're a passenger it will be coming from the corner of the driver area.

Second which is common, would be the high pitched noise. I was reading that it may be coming from the ecm behind the glovebox , anyone have an idea how to fix that before replacing the ecm?


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