A better Jack Stand for the Nissan Enthusiast

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A better Jack Stand for the Nissan Enthusiast

Postby Gyrfalcon01 » Tue Oct 09, 2018 2:05 pm

Hello NICOclub!

A couple of years ago, NICOclub's very own Greg Childs wrote a great article about RennStand, a new safety stand I was developing at the time so you would never again have to risk lifting or supporting your vehicle outside of its designated jacking points.

Since then the design has evolved and RennStand is now proudly built here in the USA by SafeJack which has a long standing reputation for building some of the best and most dependable vehicle jacks and safety stands on the planet, even supplying to the US military.

Just some quick stats:

- Each stand is rated to 3 tons, with an adjustable height range of 11.5” to 16.5”
- Easy to use
- Extremely compact for easy storage and portability
- All steel construction
- Proudly Made in the USA
- Growing list of vehicle adapters

Please check out the demo video at the bottom of this post, and for more information, please visit:

https://safejacks.com/collections/renns ... ingle-unit

Thank you!

Frank Ceravolo


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