90 maxima vg30 crank no start

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90 maxima vg30 crank no start

Postby ka_240_drifter » Sat Oct 08, 2011 12:52 pm

90 maxima vg30e 185k no start,

i have fuel pressure, spark and compression (starter turns engine over)

coil is less than two months old swapped it out with another coil, both coils tested good at 1 OHM. both coils spark when engine turns over tested each plug wire for each cylinder with an extra spark plug

swapped out fuel pump and fuel pressure regulator with one from a junk yard car, both pumps work and create pressure ( dont know how much PSI because i dont have a fuel pressure gauge)

Crank position sensor works, pulled out distributor and spun it by hand, all injectors worked. i could hear the injectors clicking and the ignition coil firing each spark plug.

engine turns over with starter, timing belt still in one piece. car was running perfectly the night before the next day in the morning it wouldnt start. iv only had the car for a week before it did this. any ideas on what i should check? any known issue for these cars?

any and all help would be greatly appreciated. thank you.

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