89 S13 Turn Signal Question

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89 S13 Turn Signal Question

Postby nothinbuddadreamer » Wed Jul 18, 2018 9:31 am

So I am absolutely stumped on my rear right turn signal, all of the others work, and the hazards work in the front and the rear left, I tapped into my front right turn signal into the rear right to just make sure it would work with some current and it does but it still hyper blinks so unfortunately I can’t just hide the wires and call it a day. I also tried swapping out many different bulbs and swapping the whole rear light fixture that holds the bulbs and stuff but I swapped them left for the right and the right for the left and the right still don’t work. I used a mulitmeter and checked the resistance of the plug socket and I have no resistance or current. I looked under the dash at the turn signal relay and it looks good and works fine, so I must have a short somewhere or something, but I’m not too keen on where to look in the harness for it, could it be from the. Anyone have any ideas on where to start looking, or if it’s possible to run a new wire from either the relay or the turn signal harness and not have it hyper blinking?

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