84 720 Z20 carbureted fuel system question

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84 720 Z20 carbureted fuel system question

Postby docdog » Sat Jun 29, 2013 5:48 pm

This engine is equipped with BOTH an electric and mechanical fuel pump...
I replaced the electric pump after it failed - the mechanical pump had already been replaced when I bought the truck. I installed a wrong pump at first and got flooding. Then bought the "correct" pump - a Carter - and all seemed well until I parked on a sloped driveway (nose down) and it started flooding again. Was able to start and drive it home but now I'm getting nervous about it flooding out again. Can I go with ONLY the electric? (OR only the mechanical?) I don't understand both being used, but the engine has been replaced, so maybe it came out of a mechanical pump only vehicle.
This is in a 2WD King Cab stick version, btw.

Thanks for the ideas...!

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Re: 84 720 Z20 carbureted fuel system question

Postby Twinpilot001 » Mon Sep 15, 2014 7:16 am

M has been added-esp. if the engine has a mechanical pump. electric pump can be eliminated. Yet be sure that mechanical pump =IS NEW / Replaced??electric pumps (add on's) were made to be mounted @ the tank area(close) as they were fuel pusher types =not fuel puller types!possibly the electric pump is over powering the needle & seat in the carb!!

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