720 speedo pinion seal and o-ring

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720 speedo pinion seal and o-ring

Postby Mountainx6754 » Fri Nov 10, 2017 1:32 pm

Hey Everyone,

Brand new member here. Not new to stalking the site for pearls of wisdom tho. I've gleaned some crucial info here when I've been in a jam more than once. And it's been greatly appreciated.
Here's my problem. My 84 720 4wd has a bad speedometer pinion seal and o-ring, but I am about to give up on the search. Next step will be to a transmission shop. I'd buy the whole drive if I could find it. 32702-G5118 I believe is the part no for it. My questions are this. Does any other drive work from, let's say, a 280? Or 300? Sentra? Also if anyone has a part number for the seal and o-ring, that could help. I'm stoked to be on here and appreciate any help.

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