'69 510 side light wiring

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'69 510 side light wiring

Postby solo2datsun » Mon Jan 05, 2015 10:57 am


I have had my ’69 510 since 1071. Second owner and am keeping it as my auto-x car and on going project. It’s is being kept close to stock looking with a full interior and trim.

I am enjoying the article on restoring the ’68 510. One thing, the side marker lights on the ’68 were also used on the ’69’s (like mine).

My question. The right side front marker light doesn’t work. Bulb good, power to plugs good. Wires to bulb checked and good. When I plug in the two plugs into other opposite plugs the light doesn’t work. I cleaned everything but it seems the double plug is bad. When I thought it was working and drove the car a few miles, I blew a fuse for the right side marker lights. I think I have a short in the plug that attaches the wires front the right side marker light to the hot wire.
When re-assembling, the only thing that didn't go back on was the rubber gasket on the underside of the fender between the light fixture and the fender as it crumpled when removed from old age.
It is a double plug or I think they call it a 2 wire loop connector(?). Anyways. Does anyone know where I can find that type of plug as I need to replace it.

I am in the Los Angeles area.


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