350z will only idle. Dies when try and rev

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350z will only idle. Dies when try and rev

Postby Adhal7 » Thu Aug 15, 2019 10:10 am

I bought a 2003 salvaged 350z, It needed right front suspension, frame work on the right, pass air bags and seat belt, thats about it. I got it all together and now it won't run properly. It will start and idle fine and it is fine for 5 min or so and will drive and rev fine. Then after it starts to warm up after 5 min or so it will only Idle. If I touch the throttle it dies or cuts out will not rev.

Some things I've tried;
Fuel Pump
Crank and Cam sensors
ECU wiring harness to engine bay
Disconnected cats and issue still happens
ECT sensor
Throttle body

When I disconnect the ECT sensor, the car seems to run fine but as soon as I reconnect it it goes back to the same issue. There is no codes stored in the car

Fuel pressure seems to drop when stall happens.

I uploaded a video of the stall and fuel pressure. It almost seems like the ecu losses power when it happens, and if I let the car stall and keep the throttle pressed I can hear the fuel pump relay clicking repeatedly. Once I let off the throttle (while the car is still off from stalling) I the fuel pump primes again.

In the video the car doesn't stall because if you let off the throttle quick enough, it will catch it self and run.

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