3 pin 4 pin MAF

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3 pin 4 pin MAF

Postby CA18_Dolomite » Wed May 11, 2022 12:06 pm

Hi there !!

I have the following parts :-

- New / old stock 4 pin MAF 22680-61A01. I’d like to use that as it’s new.

- 44F10 ECU for auto non-lambda 09/88 to 09/90 engine. This one is currently wired up.

- 39F05 ECU for manual lambda 09/90 onwards engine.

- Cast non-lambda exhaust elbow.

- Stainless steel lambda exhaust elbow, which I could make non-lambda by closing the sensor adaptor. I’d like to use that as it will allow me to weld on a V-band adaptor making it easier to remove the engine in a very restricted engine bay.

Now for the tricky bit…

I bought a Wiring Specialties universal CA18DET loom made in the US and based on the CA18DETs that they’ve seen.

This has the lambda sensor connector and the 4 pin MAF plug, however they only wire up 3 pins as follows (taken from their installation guide) :-

Pin 1 - X
Pin 2 - 12v power ECU pins 59, 49, 109, ECCS relay and Ignition relay
Pin 3 - MAF sensor ground ECU pin 26
Pin 4 - MAF sensor signal ECU pin 27

Effectively, I’ve got the 3 pin layout in a 4 pin plug.

I asked them to wire up the MAF plug Pin 1 to ECU pin 37, which will make it a proper 4 pin MAF sensor.

Was this modification a good move ?

Is the best combination :-

- 4 pin MAF plug as above
- 4 pin MAF sensor 22680-61A01
- Don’t connect / install the lambda sensor
- 44F10 ECU

Cheers, Richard

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Re: 3 pin 4 pin MAF

Postby float_6969 » Wed May 25, 2022 9:34 am

What is the application for that MAFS? It's very difficult to find wiring diagrams without knowing what engine/chassis it was used on.

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