240sx s13 ac blowning but not cold

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240sx s13 ac blowning but not cold

Postby planetrichard » Sat Jun 18, 2022 4:50 pm

hi i have a 1989 240sx. im new to having my own car and stuff. my ac recently went out and i was looking on how to fix it.

the lights on the ac buttons use to work but after it started not blowing cold are they have stopped. i think its a fuse or something because of that. how do i test the ac fuses since i cant just look inside to see if its blown.

could it be the freon is too low or high? or compressor just died? any advice would be appreciated, if its too hard i wouldnt mind going to a shop but i would prefer to do it myself

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Re: 240sx s13 ac blowning but not cold

Postby NukeKS14 » Sat Jun 18, 2022 7:36 pm

It's pretty easy to check the fuses, each of the fuseboxes has a legend inside the cover that tells you which fuse goes to what. There's a fuse box under the hood and one under the driver's side kick panel I'd remove and inspect the fuses you think may be the issue but the lights on the HVAC controls aren't always synonymous with the system working or not. Case in point, I don't even have an AC compressor let alone condenser or any of the other necessary equipment on my S14 for air conditioning, but the AC light still illuminates when I press it on the HVAC controls.

I'd start trying to comb through the system. This site hosts the FSMs for our cars and I'd begin by downloading that and reading up.
https://www.nicoclub.com/archives/use-n ... abase.html

I'll even link you to the exact document in the FSM to troubleshoot your very issue;
https://www.nicoclub.com/service-manual ... _HEAT2.pdf

It shows some good flowcharts for walking through how to test individual components. At some point you're going to need a digital multimeter and the ability to test the refrigerant pressure in the system as well.

Best of luck.

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