225/40/18's on a G37x ok ?

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225/40/18's on a G37x ok ?

Postby MACH5 » Fri Mar 19, 2021 8:07 am

I could use your advice about some new tires and wheels for 2013 Infiniti G37x (AWD)

so I am thinking of getting some dedicated tires and wheels for the track, cuz mine tend to roll over a bit and do unusual wear on the sidewalls

I thought I would get some lower series tires to help address that, and that way, also avoid the wear from the track on my regular tires for street driving.

my current tires are 225/55/17 on 17 x 7.5 inch wheels

an easy choice would be to switch over to 222/45/18 on 18 x 8 inch wheels, to get a stiffer sidewall, and so hopefully due less roll over on the side walls in hard corners, as happens now at the track.

but I dont want to do all this and still have the problem, so I figure I should go down to a 40 series tire, to have even stiffer sidewalls

so, I am thinking to get 225/40/18s, (and put them on new 18 x 8 in wheels

i realize the tire circumference will be a bit less than that 45/18s, and the speedometer would over indicate a bit, but on the track, who cares I am thinking.

can you think of any reason why the 40s would not be good idea or why not to buy them ? I cant think of any effect it would have on the AWD system, since all four tires would still be the same diameter to each other.

thoughts, advice ?


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