2019 QX50 or 2019 RDX

Discussion of Infiniti's amazing (and underrated) sport-luxury crossovers, the EX35 and EX37. For 2014, the EX series will be renamed QX50, in line with Ininfiit's new naming conventions.
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2019 QX50 or 2019 RDX

Postby nemo1 » Mon Sep 24, 2018 4:35 am

I have been struggling between the QX50 and the new RDX Advance. Both are extremely nice cars with the Q, at list IMHO, a much nicer interior. that said, I am struggling to truly understand the engine reliability and CVT. also the infotainment in the Q is, well very similar (not the screen but the technology) to my 2008 M35x. The RDX on the other hand is quite robust. my local Ininiti dealer has marked the fully decked out Q down just above the pricing of an RDX. the engine and lack of Apple Car play is holding me back. really interested in folks thoughts as to:

1. long term reliability of the engine
2. I drove a Q for several days and the MPG was under 20
3. will their infotainment system be updated via software update to make it more user friendly with an IPhone
4. can you download WAYS into the system
5. the lane departure system using the brakes, does that just chew through brakes over the long run
6. i have no experience with run flat tires, but should I swap those out (knowing that there is no spare in the Q)
7. anybody install an aftermarket hitch on the Q that has a foot sensor for the rear hatch

thanks everyone.

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Re: 2019 QX50 or 2019 RDX

Postby XIS » Mon Sep 24, 2018 6:19 am

The QX50 interior is wonderful and top notch...actually the exterior is pretty nice too. Both surpass the RDX.

The RDX appears to be 1000% more fun to drive than the QX50. Much stronger engine and performance numbers. Much better / more enjoyable tranny. (10 speed VS your great-grandmother's CVT)

If the QX50 had a 7 speed or 8 speed DCT (10 seems like overkill), It would be my choice for sure. I couldn't do a CVT for another 20-25 years or so. :)

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Re: 2019 QX50 or 2019 RDX

Postby NJGuy » Tue Sep 25, 2018 7:17 am

Full disclosure: I am a self-admitted Honda fan, so my response will probably have a bit of bias. That being said, here's what I think.

First off, you might be the first one in this forum who's seriously shopped for the redesigned QX50. Most of us here preferred the sporty nature of the first generation EX/QX50, and will probably look elsewhere for our next vehicle purchase. So you might get some more bias from other members as well ;) .

Anyway, what matters is what you think is most important. Engine reliability, transmission type, infotainment, or interior styling/comfort? As for your points...

1. I don't think there would be much of a difference in the long term reliability of either engine. The VC Turbo is definitely more complex, but nowadays I don't hear much about engine failures in most cars across the board as long as maintenance is done. There's usually never an issue with the hard parts of an engine over it's life. It's typically all the ancillary components (sensors, cooling system, gaskets, charging system etc.) that start having issues when the car gets old. I've found on average that replacement parts and repairs on an Acura are a bit cheaper than on an Infiniti. Acura maintenance might cost a bit more though.

2. It's hard to compare the real world fuel economy of both models, as they're both pretty new. Fuelly.com has gas mileage reports from 15 RDX owners, but only one QX50 owner. The mileage number is close between the two, but more data is definitely needed to distinguish between them.

3. Infiniti says that they plan to roll out Apple CarPlay/Android Auto in 2019, but I didn't see much details about when or how. See here: https://www.motorauthority.com/news/111 ... ent-system
I'd be very wary about Infiniti rolling out a software update that incorporates the Apple/Android integration into their current infotainment systems. The automotive OEMs are very slow to develop their infotainment systems, CarPlay/Android Auto do have certain hardware requirements, and we don't know if Infiniti had designed their current system to accommodate CarPlay/Android Auto in future updates.

4. If you have the newest iPhone operating system (iOS 12), it will allow you to use Waze via CarPlay. It's not ready at this moment, but the updated Waze app is currently in beta testing for CarPlay compatibility and should be available soon. Google maps is already up and running on CarPlay.

5. I used the lane departure system probably only one time on my old EX35, so I can't comment here. I'm not sure if the new QX50 uses the brakes, or makes use of the electric power steering.

6. I also have no experience with run flat tires, but I'm not the type who would like them. I'd definitely prefer to have a spare tire handy. It's up to you really. If you get a simple puncture in the tread area, then run flat tires work. If you have some other type of tire failure, you're gonna have to call roadside assistance and wait for a tow truck.

7. I can't comment here as well.

Both vehicles are first year models, and each will have their flaws, quirks, and growing pains. The experience of the dealer's service department might be a big factor for you, as you may have to get these issues addressed. I've had experience with both brands; the local Acura dealership hasn't given me any reason to complain, but the Infiniti dealership experience was notably better. Dealerships vary A LOT within a brand. Before you buy, see if you can get a feel for how each of their service departments treat their customers and accommodate their needs/wants.

Based on my limited experience, I'd guess that the Acura would give fewer problems as the cars get up there in mileage/age. If you switch cars at under 100k miles, then I wouldn't believe that reliability is an issue. I don't know what the sales figures are for each car, but I do think that you'll probably find a bigger online presence of the RDX owners. This does help when trying to find solutions for common problems or issues. Also, if you think you'll keep this car 10 years like the M35, you might want to get the CarPlay. Smartphone integration appears to be the de facto standard in cars for the next few years.

If you end up test driving an RDX, please get back to us about it.

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Re: 2019 QX50 or 2019 RDX

Postby nemo1 » Wed Sep 26, 2018 5:24 am

thanks for the detailed response.

The QX50 does use the braking to maintain the lane departure correction. I found that most of the time, it was terrible and more of an annoyance. However, on a clean well marked highway, it did work better. Not nearly as smooth as the Volvo XC60 which steers you. Not really sure why Infiniti uses the brakes when the technology to use steering is already in use when using ICC.

is the AWD system in the new QX50 at par or better than my 08 M35x (which I find to be fantastic in all driving conditions including several inches (under 6 or so) of snow.

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Re: 2019 QX50 or 2019 RDX

Postby NJGuy » Wed Sep 26, 2018 6:50 am

The M35 AWD system is a rear wheel drive based drive train. It sends the majority off the torque to the rear wheels, and typically doesn't engage the front wheels until the rears start slipping.

The new QX50's AWD system is FWD based, and sends more torque to the front wheels. I'm not familiar with this system, but I'd think it may be similar to what's used in the Rouge, Pathfinder, or JX35/QX60.

My feeling is that from the perspective of most drivers, there won't be too much of a difference in how the AWD systems perform. The more in-tune, attentive drivers may sense the difference though. Those who are interested in the driving dynamics of their vehicle would probably prefer the feel of the RWD based system.

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Re: 2019 QX50 or 2019 RDX

Postby Dzionassi » Wed Sep 26, 2018 6:16 pm

I would go for ACURA....
Pros for Acura:
Less complex engine, while being more sporty..>
10 speed. (CVT transmission in upscale, luxury crossover is a joke)
Much and munch better awd. (SH-AWD was one of the most important things when i bought my MDX)
Better handling.
Infotainment system.

Pros for Infiniti:
Better looks....

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Re: 2019 QX50 or 2019 RDX

Postby nemo1 » Wed Sep 26, 2018 7:37 pm

once again thanks for your responses. Decision process becoming even more difficult in that the dealer has come down again on price. now just under 49 for an AWD Essential with all the safety options etc. and believe that they may include an extended warranty, hitch and puddle lights. Still that fear of a boat anchor (risk) with an outdated infotech system several years down the road. That said, would not think they would roll out a new engine with plans to keep rolling it into other models if it was not at least 99% ready??

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Re: 2019 QX50 or 2019 RDX

Postby mkaresh » Fri Sep 28, 2018 6:35 pm

These are such different vehicles. As others have mentioned, the RDX is far more fun to drive, while the QX50 is much more focused on luxury. Know what your priorities are and the choice should be simple.

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Re: 2019 QX50 or 2019 RDX

Postby EX35WinterBeater » Mon Oct 01, 2018 2:57 pm

Since you're already discussing pricing with the dealerships, I assume you've test driven both? If so, what was your take away? If you haven't, then you absolutely need to.

Personally, I like the looks of both, but haven't sat in either. I did pick my EX over the RDX because of how much nicer the interior was. That said, the RDX felt lighter on its feet. This was a first gen with the 2.3T.

Having not drive either, I'd pick the RDX. From what I've read, it's sportier and a blast to drive, which is what I look for. It's why I'm planning on my next vehicle being a 2011+ BMW X3 35i M Sport. That won't happen till I sell my 350z though, which won't be till spring at this point.

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