2017 NICOFest Carlisle Registration!

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2017 NICOFest Carlisle Registration!

Postby EZcheese15 » Sun Feb 26, 2017 8:05 pm

Welcome to the 2017 NICOFest autocross/drift registration thread for the Carlisle Import & Performance Nationals! May 19-21 (Fri-Sun) at the Carlisle Fairgrounds. This is our 11th year working with Carlisle, and we plan on doing it big this year to celebrate. For the 2nd year in a row, the former Performance & Style show has been combined with the Import Kit Nationals to create the Import & Performance Nationals!

If you're interested in auto-crossing your own car on a wickedly fun autocross course, or displaying your drifting skills without any fear of getting arrested, this is the place to sign up. We also encourage you to RSVP on Facebook. The official NICOclub Facebook event page is here:


Also make sure you share the event with your friends and invite them as well!

We're talking unlimited runs over three days, drift, auto-cross or both. Any make car is welcome. No track experience necessary, open to all licensed drivers 18 or older. There are no special modifications required for most cars, no special skills required from you. Please note that only registered drivers and NICOclub Event Staff will be allowed to enter the paddock.

This year, the paddock will once again be located on top of the hill.


For those of you who are new to this event, Cars at Carlisle is nationally recognized for their excellent car shows. Eleven years ago, we brought NICOFEST to the Carlisle Performance & Style show, and the nice folks at Carlisle allowed us unlimited use of their track for NICOclub members. Needless to say, it was a huge success. But rather than us being the only ones having all of the fun on the track, you are cordially invited to join us with your own car to test your skills and have fun. We're now on our 11th year, and this year will be the biggest yet. The plan is to once again alternate between drifting and autocross throughout the two days. This translates to literally hours of track time for both autocrossing and drifting.

The link below is the coverage of the 2015 event. This should give you a taste of what it’s about.

http://www.nicoclub.com/archives/nicofe ... inues.html


For both NICOclub members and non-NICOclub members, please visit the registration link below. The cost is $25 if registered on or before April 28th. On April 29th, at 12:00AM EDT, the price will increase to $35. Online registration will be cut off at midnight on May 16th. After that, you will need to register at the event and the cost will be $40. When you click on the Paypal button below, you will be prompted to sign into Paypal to pay either $25 or $35 (depending on when you register) to HDS Holdings, Inc. (the holding company for NICOclub). Please register separately for each driver. If the name on your Paypal account is different than yours, please indicate so in by clicking "Add special instructions to the seller" when registering. Only names registered through Paypal (or indicated as different in the special instructions) will be considered registered. No exceptions. If you do not have a Paypal account, major credit cards are accepted via the Paypal website as well. To verify your registration, click the button below. Please note your registration does not update live and may take up to a day after you submit payment for it to reflect on the registration list.

Non-Driver Paddock Entry: For those that wish to enter the paddock but do not intend on driving, there will be a $5 charge per person at the NICOFest registration tent. This applies to any non-driver entering the paddock, whether it is your spouse, best friend, "crew member", or "mechanic". For approved passengers, there will be a $10 fee. This is to cover the extra insurance required for being in a vehicle on the track. If you are already registered as a driver, you do not need to pay the $10 to ride as a passenger. Please note paddock entry will be strictly enforced and you must have an armband indicating you are either a driver, passenger, or have paid for paddock access or you will be asked to leave.

The registration link will require your real first/last name, not NICOclub username.

The Paypal link for the $25/$35 fee will be for track registration/paddock access only. It is completely separate from the Carlisle Import & Performance general registration. As in the past, there are no obligations, no extra fees, no hidden charges, no junk mail, no spam. You do not need to own a Nissan or Infiniti to participate. We welcome any make/model car to join the fun. Guests are welcome, but will still need to purchase a ticket for Import & Performance general registration. Only guests who have registered for the track or paid the paddock access fee will be allowed paddock access. Each person who wishes to enter the paddock must have an armband issued by NICOclub. If you choose not to drive on the track, that is up to you, but only registered drivers will be allowed paddock parking access.
Please use this thread for any questions or comments. It will be closely monitored by NICOclub staff, and we’ll answer you as quickly as possible.

"Walk-in" registrations (at the event) will also be permitted for $40. This will be good for the duration of the event, with all the same privileges.

Remember, registering for the NICOfest auto-cross and drift does not exclude you from enjoying the many other activities that the Import & Performance Nationals offers. It’s a huge event full of features and activities over three days.

Here are the general rules/requirements to participate in the NICOfest Carlisle Drift/Autro-cross event:

General Event Rules

- Participants must be 18 or older licensed drivers

- Event is open to all registered drivers with any make car that pass our technical inspection. No special equipment is required for most vehicles.

- No SUV’s or trucks will be permitted to participate unless approved by the Eventmaster.

- Convertibles will be allowed provided they have at minimum the original factory rollover safety equipment.

- No motorcycles will be permitted on track

- The tech requirements for your car appear later in this thread.

- This is an "at risk" event. That is, the only insurance covering you and your vehicle during this event is your own. Carlisle Events and NICOclub are not responsible for any damages, injuries, thefts.

- Driving on the track is restricted to those who have registered, paid, plus signed the waivers. Participants must still pay admission to the Carlisle Import & Performance Nationals.

- Un-registered participants (walk ins) are also welcome to run on the track, but will be subject to a $40 fee to participate. This is a one-time fee that is good for the duration of the weekend. That is over and above the admission to the Import & Performance Nationals.

-There will be no rental helmets available, so participants MUST supply their own SA2010 (or newer) Snell rated helmets (no cracks). Motorcycle helmets are also acceptable, but they must have a Snell rating of M2010 or newer. We will also accept helmets with a BSI safety rating of 6658 Type A. As of January 1st, 2017, SA2005 and M2005 helmets have become expired and will not be allowed. Note, helmets with just an SAE/DOT rating are not acceptable. Please make sure you check your helmet to make sure they not only have a Snell or BSI sticker but that has a current one. If there is no valid Snell or BSI sticker, that helmet cannot be used. No exceptions. Bicycle helmets are also not acceptable. It is okay to share helmets, but please be forewarned, no one will be permitted on that track without wearing an approved helmet. Please advise during tech/registration if he or she is sharing helmets. If people are sharing helmets, the helmet only needs to be tech'ed once.

- No flip/flops or sandals. Closed shoes only (sneakers are fine).

- Windbreaker/plastic jackets (which melt in fires), are not permitted for on track driving.

- Cars only need to be tech'ed once for the duration of the event.

- There is no minimum or maximum number of runs. Run as often as you'd like.

- There will be no separate running classes.

- Only cars that have passed tech with registered participants that have signed the waivers will be permitted on course.

- There can be more than one driver per car, but each driver must be registered. Cars with more than one driver only need to be tech’d once.

- Runs can only be made while track is staffed and operating green. No un-authorized private sessions allowed unless specifically approved by the Eventmaster.

- Each car will be assigned a number, please make sure it is displayed on driver side rear window (passenger side for RHD vehicles).

- Driver’s window must be open while on track. Sunroofs must be closed

- We only allow passengers to ride with instructors or staff. If you’re not staffer or instructor, expect to be denied. This is per insurance regulations, so please don't badger the staff about it.

- Passengers must have signed waivers and wear an approved helmet.

- One vehicle will be on the track at one time for autocross. Multiple cars on the track for drifting will be at the sole discretion of the Eventmaster.

- Cars will need to be completely emptied of loose articles (including radar detectors, maps, tools, floor mats, etc.) before going on the track.

- There will be a fenced in paddock area, but Carlisle Events and NICOclub assume no responsibility for any lost or stolen property.

- Auto-cross runs will be timed and tracked by car number. If you are sharing a car, not the primary driver, and want to be timed separately, please speak to the starter each time you stage.

- In-car video equipment is permitted but must be securely mounted and must not obstruct drivers view. Eventmaster, NICOclub staff, or starter reserve right the right to refuse a setup.

- No alcoholic beverages in the paddock or on track.

- Smoking is not permitted in the paddock/track area.

- No pets.

- No bedding of brakes or testing of vehicles in the paddock area.

- Only park in designated areas.

- Please remove all used tires, parts, liquids, garbage before leaving.

- The facility will not have gas,oil, or air, so you’ll need to check your cars prior to arrival.

- Bad behavior will result in immediate dismissal from event or facilities without warning. Please follow starter/corner worker flag instructions.

- All Participants are asked to volunteer to help operate the event, like corner working, registration, or tech. The cars can only run if the corners are staffed.

- And most importantly, HAVE FUN.


Here is what will be required to pass the technical inspection. Essentially if your car can pass a state inspection, it should pass tech. Please be sure to check your over carefully before coming. It would be a shame not to be able to run because of something small.

Engine compartment: no leaks, fluids okay, belts tight, throttle free, no tape on hoses.

Brakes: fluid clean, full

Brake lights/signals: operational

Battery: mounted securely

Tires: Autocross: no cuts, no cord showing, no dry rot. R-compounds or slicks are permitted
Drift: no specific requirements

Wheels: no missing lugnuts. Torque will be checked during tech.

Interior: all loose items removed, floor mats removed

Restraints – factory seat belts are acceptable.

Fire Extinguisher – optional, but if present must be securely mounted

Trunk : emptied, and secured

Helmet: SA2010/M2010 ratings or newer or BSI 6658 Type A rating. No cracks. DOT/SAE (only) rated helmets are not acceptable

Gas cap : present and secured.


We’ll need volunteers to make it happen. We’ll need everyone to volunteer some time. Here are the areas where we are asking for volunteer help:

Tech inspector: working a simple checklist, don’t need to be a mechanic.

Registration: checking in attendees, signing waivers, assigning car numbers, issuing wristbands.

Corner workers: for safety, picking up cones, reporting knocked over cones, watching for debris, spin outs, fluids, etc.


Registration is located at the NICOfest tent at the top of the hill next to the paddock, behind the spectator viewing platform. If parking in the paddock, please pull into the tech inspection tent and check in with registration. Registered drivers or NICOclub Staff members are permitted to park inside the paddock. To receive a paddock parking sticker, please check in with registration at the tech tent. Once you, your car, and your helmet pass tech, you will be assigned a number for your car. The number is to be taped to the inside of the driver side rear window (passenger side for any RHD cars). If you are driving, you will receive a wristband and tech sticker. Once you receive your registration wristband, you are eligible to drive on the track. Please wear the wrist band for the duration of the event (All weekend). Every vehicle that enters the paddock must have a paddock parking sticker. If driving, remove all loose items from your car and proceed to the track entry line at your leisure.

If your car already has a number, we will let you use it, but please let us know that number when you have your car inspected, so we don't give it out to someone else.

You only need to register once for the duration of the event.

The Carlisle main gates will open at 0700 all 3 days. The official address is as follows:

Carlisle Fairgrounds
1000 Bryn Mawr Road
Carlisle PA 17013-1588

Carlisle is just west of Harrisburg, PA. Convenient to the PA turnpike and I-81.

The track is located on the north side of the property, and can be seen from the PA turnpike. Once you come through the gate into the fairgrounds, and pass the buildings, you will continue straight and go up the hill towards the paddock at the back of the fairgrounds.

The track itself an out-and-back asphalt course with a grass infield. There are some on and off camber turns that make this course much more interesting than a normal parking lot auto-cross setup. It is a second gear course. You should find it easy to navigate, but challenging to get through fast. There will also be a lot of spectators which adds to the excitement. Both the track and paddock are fenced in.

You will enter the track via the paddock. After you have completed your autocross or drifting run, you will exit the track at the bottom of the spectator hill, on the opposite side of the track from where you entered. You then can make your way back up the hill and return back into the paddock to stage for your next run.

We will publish the auto-cross/drift schedules as soon as they get finalized. The drifting will be featured by the event so expect plenty of spectators.

To register for the Import & Performance Nationals itself, please refer to Carlisle's Registration page here: http://store.carlisleevents.com/SearchR ... asp?Cat=23 and make sure to choose "NICO" as your club affiliation. This will get you credentials to get into the event. Once you are inside, if you are registered for the track event, simply come on down to the paddock and check in. There is also plenty of parking if you choose not to run on the track.

Some other tips.

You are on your own for overnight accommodations. Most of the NICOclub staff will be staying at the Park Inn in Mechanicsburg, PA, but you are under no obligation to stay there. There are many places to stay in the Carlisle area in all price ranges. Camping is available but limited to registered show field participants. There is a limit of 4 people per camp site. To reserve a camp site, check the camping box when registering, or call 717-243-7855 to add it to your registration if you are already registered. Security and local police will be on-site overnight, so please behave yourself.

If you are after maximum runs, we recommend getting registered and tech'd early on Friday morning so you can get on track immediately. Tech lines can get long on Friday morning. The lines to get on track traditionally have been smallest early on Friday and Saturday morning, and Sunday afternoon until closing. The drift/auto-cross schedule runs tight, so if you’re planning to run, you might want to give yourself time to get prepped before the session begins.

That's it for now, please stay tuned in case of any changes or announcements.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask here. We hope you will join us at the Carlisle Import & Performance Nationals for some extra special fun with your car.

Any questions can be addressed here. Joel (Bubba1, the Eventmaster) or any other staff member will do our best to answer your questions as quickly as possible.

Thank you,

NICOclub Events Coordinator

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