2015 Rogue SV key fob not working

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2015 Rogue. Wifes fob works fine. Changed the battery twice to make sure I didnt have a bad one. The car will start if I hold the fob against the start button, but WONT lock or unlock the car. Any and all suggestions/options will be appreciated!

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This might be worth a shot.

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I had the same problem, but I was using el cheapo Ikea CR2032 batteries w/ the bumpy backside. I bought some better quality Energizers (w/ smooth backsides) and they worked! I also had to clean the contacts inside the remote w/ a cotton swab and rubbing alcohol. They appear to be super sensitive to oils from your skin.

My remote issues went away and both remotes now work great (one had quit working altogether and the other was giving "key ID incorrect" codes in the car).

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