2015 Q50 Premium Lease Ending

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2015 Q50 Premium Lease Ending

Postby pkrbnd » Wed Aug 21, 2019 7:52 am


My 2015 Q50 premium lease is ending in October. The buyout is 22k which based on current market isnt worth it. I do not have any of the tech stuff like blindspot, lane departure, collision avoidance, etc.

My question is what do i get next. I have been looking at Q50s models with the technology package to get all the tech stuff i would like. It seems like the 15 is the one i find the most of. In your opinion is the older 15 with the 3.7 better than the updated refresh? Is it better to get a 15 or 16 sport compared to 18 or 19 premium?

If not the Q50 what other cars do you recommend? Looking to buy used and top budget is 30K.

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Re: 2015 Q50 Premium Lease Ending

Postby Larz » Sun Aug 25, 2019 5:34 am

The Q50 with the 3.7 is probably more reliable and will last longer, but having driven both, the ride quality is lower in the 3.7 than the newer models. I wouldn't buy your current lease model because it's missing too many options.
The newer models have the smaller, higher pressure, more stressed engines but ride better. The interior quality is pretty cheap for all the Q50 models unless you go up the the red sport. I won't buy a Q50 because of the low quality plastic interior, the small over stressed engines, and the lack of features that I would consider to be minimum standard items like memory seats, a decent stereo, elec steering wheel adjustment, cooled front seats, etc. For the price they charge, all of these things should come on every model. For an upscale small car, Acura and Lexus beat Inifniti on reliability, build quality, paint, fit/finish, and comfort.

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Re: 2015 Q50 Premium Lease Ending

Postby audtatious » Tue Sep 03, 2019 5:52 am

The 18/19 premium can easily be brought up to Red Sport performance levels with a BMS JB4 tuner. The 3.0tt has had some issue with throwing drive belts and a few are experiencing turbo issues. I don't know how prevalent the turbo issues are as I've not experienced either with my Red Sport..granted I've only put 5k miles on it the last 2 years. Personally I've not seen any build quality issues for the most part, but, the paint is always an issue with rock chips. Nothing new to me as "soft" paint has been an issue with every Nissan/Infiniti I have owned.

My '14 Q50s has about 70k on it and has been fault-free for all of them, but, is not as fun to drive as the TT.

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