2015 Q40 steering compared to Q50

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2015 Q40 steering compared to Q50

Postby austinb5y » Sat Jul 22, 2017 5:42 pm

Hi everyone,

New to the forum - I'm looking into a 2015 Q40 right now.

My train of thought with this selection was to go after the G37 after reading about the fly by wire steering system and some of the recalls with the Q40, and then realized the Q40 was a rebadged G37 from 2014-2015 and found some with decent price tags.

Then I realized that they may have put the same steering system in the 14 & 15 Q40. After going through a few pages of Google results, I've found these forums and am still having difficulty finding an exact answer.

SO, sorry for the novel, but does anyone know of the steering system in the Q40 in regards to the changes made to the Q50? As well as any other mentionables about the model?

Ive been looking at some 2013 G37S models as well, but found the newer Q40 with lower miles and decided it may hold value better. I'm open to all opinions since I'm new here - Appreciate any and all insight!


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Re: 2015 Q40 steering compared to Q50

Postby mkrser » Tue Jul 25, 2017 8:01 pm

Hi. I have a 2015 Q40 as well as a 2015 Q60. The steering is nothing like the Q50. It is the same as the G37 in both coupe and sedan. No worries there. The Q40 is the last of the good ones. I purchased both of these cars because I didn't want an experiment at my cost. I purchased both of these certified pre-owned with 4000 miles and 6500 miles respectively. The Q40 now has 25,000 miles and so far bulletproof. The Q40 comes with fewer features that were generally available on the G37. The sport package with the ultra comfy seats, 18 inch wheels, the electric tilt and telescopic wheel, and memory seat,wheel, mirror option are missing on the Q40. There may be other things I may have missed but these are what sticks out in my mind. Look for the lowest mileage car you can find whether it be a Q40 or G37. As long as regular oil changes can be verified its mostly which options you are willing to do without. You have to find all of the Infiniti dealers within driving distance of your area and check their pre owned inventory often. A lot of people lease these cars and low mileage examples are out there and at the right price if you are patient. I got my Q60 last week but drove 200 miles to get it. 2 years old and less than 6000 miles!!!

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