2015 Leaf won't Start: Thinks Brake Not Pressed

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2015 Leaf won't Start: Thinks Brake Not Pressed

Postby chaz1951 » Fri Jan 01, 2021 6:40 pm

When I push the Start Button, icons appear on the screen of a foot pushing the brake pedal and a finger pushing the Start Button.
This seems to indicate that the computer doesn't think the brake pedal is being depressed.
Got the lower dash off and can't see anything wrong.
Brake fluid is OK.
Depressing the brake pedal releases a switch that causes the brake lights to come on.
Can't get any codes. My Inova scanner can't establish a connection when plugged into the ODB2 port.
Ordered a Y-cable and the Konnwei KW 902 ODB2 dongle so I can hopefully get codes using LeafSpy on my Samsung Galaxy S7 phone.

Any help greatly appreciated.
I'd like to avoid towing charges to a dealer.
Regards, Chaz

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Re: 2015 Leaf won't Start: Thinks Brake Not Pressed

Postby VStar650CL » Fri Jan 01, 2021 7:41 pm

There are 3 different "brake switches" on the Leaf, and the one that drives the brake lamps isn't looked at by the VCM. The one with a red and a pink wire is the transmission interlock, it's fed by fuse 77 in the under-hood fuse and relay box. There's also a pedal position switch mounted on the pedal bracket with a green and an orange wire, it's fed by fuse 3 in the cabin fusebox. The red wire should be hot at all times, and pink should go hot with the pedal pressed. The green wire should be hot with the ignition on, orange should go hot when the pedal is pressed. A blown fuse or switch malfunction of either one will cause no "ready" lamp.

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