2015 Crank no Start

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2015 Crank no Start

Postby ukiyo » Wed Jul 08, 2020 10:26 pm

Hey guys, I need help pin pointing the source of my starting issue.

unfortunately first thing is.. that I have a 2015 MICRA, which from what I see is an exact copy of a Versa.


Started car, drove to gas station, filled up and then it didn't start.(yes, gasoline)

Rad fan turns on full blast when ignition is on
ECU is not turning on/responding
Faults for CAN bus communication, see below.


looked through fuses and relays (only 1 black relay in engine bay fuse box doesnt turn on but gets +/-)
Cleaned the grounds in the engine bay (both strut pillar grounds and the main battery ground to the driver's side front frame)
Unplugged ECU to visually inspect harness and pins (all look in good condition)
removed terrible corrosion on battery terminals, and tried to bypass the battery fuse plate since it has immense amount of corrosion, no change.
Horn/Light switch Stalk and flashers work from interior cabin (someone told me this is by CAN communication and would verify the BCM > IPDM path which covers major junction connections)


smells OK, and doesn't have anything loose inside.

this is after I cleaned the Positive terminal.. it was awfully corroded.


From what I gather, I need to find the CAN wires.. which colors would they be? I found some random online sources BLUE for CAN high and PINK for CAN low, is this correct?

but generally this is going to be an IPDM or ECU issue... by the google searches.


Anyone have any advice on where to start with checks, pin outs to check?


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Re: 2015 Crank no Start

Postby 2019Versafan » Sat Jul 18, 2020 4:14 pm

Wish I could help but I have no idea. I'm not familiar with a model that's not sold in the U.S.

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