2011 Murano Not Signal Lights

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2011 Murano Not Signal Lights

Postby Hecobb » Thu Jul 16, 2020 10:40 pm

Hi all,

I’m having an issue with no turn signals on my 2011 Murano. There is no flash of indicator lights on the dash or outside on the lights.

I’ll start by saying that the hazards work fine. The dash flashes and the outside lights bith

The small independent garage I normally go to hooked up their computer to the vehicle and was able to command the indicator lights to turn on. So clearly there’s no issue with output.

They recommended we change the control stalk so we did that but the problem is still there. As troubleshooting this was now beyond their garage they recommended I go to a dealer.

At the dealer they looked at it for 30 minutes and immediately said it was the BCM and that it needed replacing. As this is a very costly repair I thought I’d come here for input first.

it seems like if it was BCM there would be other things acting up.

I myself wonder if there’s a break in the input wire going from the signal stalk to the BCM. Is this possible without it causing other issues such as fog lights or wipers?

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