2010 Murano AWD CVT Failure (in France)

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2010 Murano AWD CVT Failure (in France)

Postby under a new name » Mon Jan 11, 2021 10:45 am

Hi all,

Excellent set of forums you have here :-)

I don't expect to get a solution, but asking just in case.

Last week our '10 Murano managed to acquire a fast leak of CVT fluid - which went undetected until the CVT shut down.

Our local dealer has looked at it and talked to Nissan France HQ and the box is toast.

A replacement is ~8,000 Euros or thereabouts ($9,800) on a car that's probably valued around $10k. I can find a refurbed box at ~$3,500 but there's a definite whiff of good money after bad. (The French don't like petrol cars, auto boxes or big engines (means big tax).)

It's a real shame as the car is in very good condition otherwise and we like it really rather a lot (We've also spend about $6k on it in the last 2 years, new exhaust, tyres, disks, etc.) But I fear it's going to be "sold" for spares.

Any bright ideas out there?

Many thanks in advance,


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