2010 EX35 Power Window Switch interchangeability

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2010 EX35 Power Window Switch interchangeability

Postby vicmat » Sun Nov 11, 2018 4:05 pm

My 2010 EX35 drivers side window switch occasionally does not work. It will go down, but not up unless I play with it a few times... passenger window goes down but not up, but works fine from the passenger side switch. I took out the old one and cleaned it and the circuit board, but still not much better so I'm buying a new one.
The part # is 25401 1BA3E. I'm finding lots available starting with #25401, but the next numbers are JAO1A, 1B, or ZN5OA, OB, OC. The fittment is for Altimas and others, but not the EX35. The pictures look exactly the same as my original 1BA3E and range from $30 to $90 and are for auto-up widows both sides, which mine is. Do you think these will work for me?
Ironically, Switch Doctor offers one for $97 that says its for a 2010 EX35, but the picture shows two mounting screws at the bottom, which mine definitely doesn't have or need for installation (it pops-in completely).

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Re: 2010 EX35 Power Window Switch interchangeability

Postby CDNicecube » Tue Nov 13, 2018 7:47 pm


I had to replace mine as well, and got it from someone from this site who sold me a drivers side unit. It looked exactly like the OEM one but had a slightly different number. It seems it is all the same switch used for different models but it worked well. Oh and the original switch was made in Japan while the new one was Chinese. Nonetheless it worked flawlessly for at least 4 years now. And yes, I have a 2010 and had the same issues as yours.

My take is if it looks the same, the buttons are the same, and the connector is the same, try it. Chances are it will work. Cost at the time was about 45$, perhaps a little more as I don’t recall.


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