2009 FX35 Wheel offset

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2009 FX35 Wheel offset

Postby atxzeeen » Sun Apr 26, 2015 4:30 pm

I'm looking to upgrade the OE 18"s wheels on my 2009 FX35 (RWD) to some TSW Gunmetal Rogue 20"s and 265/50/20 Niitto NT 421Q's

1) I'd like to know what is the "actual Factory/OE wheel offset" for my 2009 FX35 RWD ? I was recently told while at a national tire dealer, the offset for my 2009 FX35 was a +45. They then told me TSW was highly recommending (as I was standing there and they were on the phone with them) a +50 offset (which won't be available/released for another 20 -30 days) and that's OK.

2) If the offset is actually a +45, then would going to +50 a give me a "flatter" profile stance on the outer appearance of the wheel or am I just interpreting the diagram wrong when I look this up online (-, 0 or + offset - http://i276.photobucket.com/albums/k...ums/FAQS/1.jpg ) ? When I was online at TSW all the wheels there were showing had a +20 offset ( http://fitment.tsw.com/alloy-wheels-fit ... model=FX35 ), so if my previous interpretation was correct, that would give me a deeper (preferred) profile stance, correct ?

Bottom line is I want a nice look but I'm NOT willing to compromise the ride, handling and/or safety of my vehicle !

Any knowledgeable/helpful advise would be greatly appreciated, as I'm hoping to pull the trigger on this ASAP !

Thanx !

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