2008 M45...Good Daily Driver?

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2008 M45...Good Daily Driver?

Postby daveontheupside » Tue Jan 12, 2021 7:10 am

First-time poster!

I'm currently looking to buy a new daily driver, and there's an '08 M45 that has caught my attention. It's priced well, looks to have been well maintained, and has most of the features I care about (and I love that it's a V8).

Wanted to get some insight into how these cars are as daily drivers; especially when they have high mileage. The vehicle I'm looking at is just over 180k and my plan is to give it a test drive sometime this week. Are there any known "trouble areas" that I should make sure to check for? What common maintenance issues do these vehicles have when they're that far into their lifespan? Also, I live in Michigan, but thus far my impression is that the M45 does pretty well in the snow with its AWD (and honestly, we haven't gotten much this year...so far). That said, please let me know if inclement weather is something I should worry about with this vehicle.

Appreciate your time :)

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Re: 2008 M45...Good Daily Driver?

Postby EdBwoy » Tue Jan 12, 2021 11:49 am

They are wonderful cars, and I think my 08 RWD has held up very well for the age and mileage. Very little has surprised me, and if logistics allow, it is my choice vehicle for long highway trips.

One thing to note is that at 180k, some suspension components are worn. The previous owner might have addressed it, or you might have to.
Hopefully the former, as the costs can add up quickly with few to no cost-friendly aftermarket options for some components - the AWD front lower control arms, for example.

As long as the routine maintenance was kept up with, it should keep running for a long time.
If oil maintenance was poor, you'll have a ticking time bomb. Quite literally.

The AWD system is a beast in all kinds of weather. Of course, horrible tires will do you no good anywhere.

Is it a good daily driver? Well, that's going to be a personal determination. The fuel economy is not very good, and it requires premium fuel.
As I said, I love driving mine, both out of town and even when doing rounds in the city. It rewards me in smiles per gallon.

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Re: 2008 M45...Good Daily Driver?

Postby LIBRILZ » Tue Jan 12, 2021 3:00 pm

Well, As I stated in another thread. I'd try to find a V6 instead of the V8, esp the V8 with high mileage. I wouldn't trust, but that's just me. The VK45 isn't very forgiving.

Doing this all over, I would get or try to find an 09-10 M35 because they have the 7-speed auto. Plus the V6s tend to be more reliable than the V8 from a purely mechanical standpoint. These cars are going on a decade and a half old, and in that time, between oil burning and such, if the previous owner wasn't super diligent about oil changes and topping off the oil from time to time, there could very easily be mechanical problems from the engine later on. The V8 in the M45 isn't particularly tolerable to abuse in those regards.

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