2008 G35xS Wheel Clarification

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2008 G35xS Wheel Clarification

Postby G35Excess » Fri Sep 14, 2018 12:51 pm

I recently bought a 2008 G35xS Sedan. With winter approaching, I need a set of winter wheels and tires. I've searched and searched and found a few posts talking about downsizing rim size to a 17".

Am I correct in that the 17" wheels will work with a 225/55/r17 (stock if i can find them) and that the "S" package made no changes to brake diameter (just pedals, seats, paddle shifter, and I think side skirts)?

I do apologize, I attempted to search as much as possible around the web but most people are wanting to go up tire / wheels sizes and those days are behind me, I think. I'm glad to finally be here after having to begrudgingly leave my '96 Honda behind for a car seat (yes one fits but my back couldn't take it). Compromise and optimize. Thank you and apologies for the mild anxiety but sometimes it's cool to see someone say "yeah dude, have the same thing going for me, been great for years."


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