2007 Maxima head light goes out + other power issues

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2007 Maxima head light goes out + other power issues

Postby mistmage » Thu Dec 24, 2020 5:01 pm


I am having an issue with one of my headlights. I bought replacement bulbs thinking it was going to be that "simple" if only... replacing the bulb was quiet the headache having to go behind the front fender. Yet that did not really resolve my issue with the headlight that is going out. So I noticed that when I turn on my car, it has a few power issues on top of this. I am trying to resolve one thing at time, and this is one of the more important ones to me. So I will list out my problem with my head light then go over some of the other power issues going on.

I turn on my car and turn on my head lights. There is no problem. About 10 seconds later my front left headlight changes color and flickers out. It will remain out until I turn my car off and back on, no clue what is causing this. Bulb has been replaced.

The other power issues in my car are that my seat and steering wheel no longer adjust when I get in / out of my car, my gas gauge has died, and there seems to be an issue with power being pushed to all accessories such as my windows as well.

Hoping the headlights is a simple fix, and this is not a major wiring harness issue.

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Re: 2007 Maxima head light goes out + other power issues

Postby the converted » Tue Dec 29, 2020 6:56 am

With all the odd problems, I have to ask is this a flood car? Assuming this is an HID headlight, it could be the ignitor/ballast going bad. Swapping those left to right could show if that is the problem.

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