2005 fx35 awd.. how does awd system work for this car ?

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2005 fx35 awd.. how does awd system work for this car ?

Postby rainingst » Thu Mar 12, 2009 10:15 pm

i test drove 2005 fx35 awd andthe car seemed to be really stiff and bouncy on the road.

I know that it is made to be "sport" SUV so the shocks are harder than other luxury SUVs such as Lexus GX or LXbut i think it also has to do with its awd system.

is it always AWD????? that's what i am wondering. .

i read other posts that explained about fx's awd system but they nver specified what year of FX they were explaining about.im buying either 05 or 06

I would greatly appreciate if anyone can help this newbie(im bad with cars) out !

thanks ~ ^^

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Re: 2005 fx35 awd.. how does awd system work for this car ? (rainingst)

Postby SteveTheTech » Fri Apr 03, 2009 12:12 pm

Here' s a technical segment I dug up, it's a little dry but its short and to the point. The grammar can be interesting since it's directly translated. Good luck in your hunt, if it's still actually going on.

System Description

DESCRIPTION- Electronic control allows optimal distribution of torque to front/rear wheels to match road conditions.- Makes possible stable driving, with no wheel spin, on snowy roads or other slippery surfaces.- On roads which do not require AWD, it contributes to improved fuel economy by driving in conditions close to rear-wheel drive.- Sensor inputs determine the vehicle's turning condition, and in response tight cornering/braking are controlled by distributing optimum torque to front wheels.

NOTE:- When driving, if there is a large difference between front and rear wheel speed which continues for a long time, fluid temperature of drive system parts becomes too high and AWD warning lamp flashes rapidly.(When AWD warning lamp flashes, vehicle changes to rear-wheel drive conditions.) Also, optional distribution of torque sometimes becomes rigid before lamp flashes rapidly, but it is not malfunction.- If AWD warning lamp is flashing rapidly, stop vehicle and allow it to idle for some time. Flashing will stop and AWD system will be restored.- When driving, AWD warning lamp may flash slowly if there is a significant difference in diameter of the tires. At this time, vehicle performance is not fully available and cautious driving is required. (Continues until engine is turned OFF.)- If the warning lamp flashes slowly during driving but remains OFF after engine is restarted, the system is normal. If it again flashes slowly after driving for some time, vehicle must be inspected.- When the difference of revolution speed between the front and rear wheel mode the shift occasionally changes to direct 4-wheel driving conditions automatically. This is not malfunction.

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