2003 M45 Wheel Studs HELP

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2003 M45 Wheel Studs HELP

Postby MSeries61996 » Fri Jul 26, 2019 11:02 pm

Hey y'all. I need to remove my wheel studs on the rear, as 1 broke off as I was trying to remove my lug nuts to swap a flat tire out. Might as well do all 10 on the back (unless It's too difficult with limited tools and know-how).
My questions are
1. Are there any loopholes to doing this?
2. UPDATE: How do I remove the rear calipers/brakes to get to and remove the rotor to access the wheel hub? Do the brakes need to be bled first and after, or do they even need to be bled?
3. Would it be better to have a shop do this, as I am limited on tools?
4. If anyone on here has done this themselves, would you be able to provide me a step by step or any tips/advice on what do?

Please let me know! All help is greatly appreciated!
Thanks a bunch!

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Re: 2003 M45 Wheel Studs HELP

Postby macgiver » Sat Jul 27, 2019 1:08 am

If I were you ,and I listened to your situation - goto a shop for this . The TIP IS : ALL , ALL , virtually ALL Tire shops OVERTORQUE your lugs , they got the "tools" to minimize this , AND EVEN BE ACCURATE , but they either don't care , send you to an "affiliated shop" for kickback (they're Shills) , Lazy worker , worker doesn't know that - UNLESS LUGNUT MOVES WHILST TORQUING the WRENCH , is improper AND they've probablly caused the H-Duty ingersoll Rand pneumatic "guns" gone waaaay overtorque (usually the cause).

So , you go and buy a decent torque wrench , extension ,sockets that fit your cars ,and when you are finished at those tire shops - IN THIER PARKING LOT is best , you first LOOSEN and then Re-torque ea. of the lugnuts on ANY TIRES THEY TOUCHED . And not necessary to "star tighten" cause you may lose track and waste time repeating some , ya see star pattern is when all lugs are simultaneously in a semi-loose state - these are all tight already. Your properly "finalizing" the torque ,ea. in succession.
Happened to my daughter's car ," SHILLman" tire let's call'em , I get mgr , he sees how as I LOOSEN LUG IT BREAKS CLEAN OFF (Clint Eastwood ?) :tisk: I said to him " IF my daughter has to take 20 minutes longer than necessary from U-guys bad workmanship , gets hit by cars , like mangle meat, I come and make that mechanics FACE via THIS torkwrench look worse than her " - he's shaking now and kindly offers to get it fixed , and I thank him for realizing the reality / ramifications of that kind of incompetant work.

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