2003 FX45-hair line crack

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Car: 2003 Infinti FX45

2003 FX45-hair line crack

Postby josel » Wed Dec 10, 2014 12:07 pm

I'm a newb to this forum.
Acquired a FX45 with a checkered past, she is a handful.
Working to figure out the mods (computer) that may have been made?

The pressing issue is that in the last oil chain a couple hair line cracks appeared in the oil pan.
I heard a slight crack and inspected further, not a pleasant surprise!
I see that bottom end is more or less a like the whole bottom of the engine.
Looks like a b**** job to take out tear down and then find a welder who knows whats up with that kind of welding.

Has anyone else run across this? Any suggestions?

Thanks - excellent forum by the way.

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