2003 FX35 Front Suspension Issues

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2003 FX35 Front Suspension Issues

Postby rrack » Thu Apr 09, 2015 3:51 pm

It's been a few years since turning wrenches and it looks like I'll be getting dirty again. I've had a slight vibration in the steering for a while now and it worsens when the brake are applied. It's got new rotors and pads, balanced and aligned. Still there. I replaced one of the front hubs which was humming but the vibe is still there. This morning I noticed something drastically different. A lot of knocking and the RF bottomed out on the RR crossing. I crawled under there this afternoon and it looks like the RF strut exploded. At least that's the only explanation of where the fluid could have come from. It's all up under the dust boot as well. I started rattling everything around and figured with 108K it's time for some TLC. I've lined up some stuff on RockAuto...KYBs, boots, control arms, and maybe tie rod ends. However, I'm not sure if the control arms/ball joints are actually bad. I lifted each side by the control arm and the ball joints and bushing seem good n tight. I'm debating not to replace them if they're still good.

Anyway, long story a little longer...Pushing n pulling each tire at 12 & 6 noticed the entire strut towers move in and out a little. Little clunks. However, the lower ball joints don't seem to move at all. I'm guessing strut bearing plates? I've seen aftermarket plate sets or only the OEM bearings. Is it OK to merely replace the bearing and not the entire mount? I need to tighten everything up but not blow dinero on good parts as well. Is there any other way to check these lower ball joints? Boots are fine and nothing seems to move at that point. Or should I just replace em anyway. The wife will be inheriting her if and when I can find a truck.

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated...

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