1st generation brake question.

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1st generation brake question.

Postby casperfun » Sat Nov 16, 2019 7:58 pm

I notice with my OCD that everytime I release my breaks quickly, it had this stuck sensation which was ever so slight in nature. But not usually when I slowly and gently release the brakes which is not normally how I do it.

But when I release the brakes on a Toyota Camry or a cadallac SUV, slowly or fast, there was no tiny jolt either way.

Kinda bothers me, is this normal for the rogue?

These are the original rotors and I had a pair of brakes done only a very long time ago.

I did change the front brakes and rotors with oem versions and it is not as bad anymore.
When the weather warms I hope to do the rear. I have oem rear brakes, but EBC replacement rear rotors since I couldn't find OEM on either ebay or amazon. And raybestos brake caliper kit.

Hopefully, after the rear brakes & rotors are done, it will be mostly gone?

Just curious if anybody has that sticky feeling on their brakes too.

It's something you don't really notice sort of thing until somebody mentions it.

Lastly, the front brakes were grimey but looked practically new. The squeal alert thing was so far back from the surface area. So assume these were the brakes changed by the dealership awhile back

+1 on oem brake pads as lasting very long!

Really hated throwing them away. I'm a light braker too, but didn't think they would still look like new after so many years.

I kinda think the rear brake pads are used more and may be the originals, can't tell till I take them off. :woot:

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Re: 1st generation brake question.

Postby AZhitman » Sun Nov 24, 2019 10:21 pm

That's a function of the trans, not the brakes. My guess is you're feeling the difference between a CVT and a traditional auto trans.

I hated that sensation in my Cube.

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