1985 720 - Need Exhaust Front Pipe - Sunrader Body

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Car: 1985 Nissan 720 - Sunrader Body

1985 720 - Need Exhaust Front Pipe - Sunrader Body

Postby Lord Trilobyte » Tue Apr 20, 2021 1:24 pm

I've been trying to rehab and improve an old Nissan 720 with an 18ft Sunrader body, Z24 carbureted engine (Weber 32/36 on the way). I have a BIG hole in the crotch of the 2-to-1 on the exhaust front pipe. I'm not interested in patching it because it's got like 5 other spots threatening to crack. Basically, I just want a replacement... And there's the issue.

I'm not super sure how to find a part that will fit. I see a nearly $200 Bosal part that has guaranteed fitment, but that's a lot steeper than I'd like. I see other similar parts running about $50-80, much more to my liking.

Can someone give me a hand to find the proper part? Ay information on the gasket I'll need would be helpful too.

For extra clarification, this is the Bosal pipe that looks right:
https://www.carparts.com/details/Nissan ... 32903.html
Approximate location and size of hole marked.
Edit: more engine info.

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