1984 truck runs, barely

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1984 truck runs, barely

Postby grampses84 » Sat Jun 18, 2016 2:08 pm

Hey guys..
need a little help. Z-24 engine seems like it is starving for air/fuel.
about a month ago, it starting putting around pretty bad, and then stopped running all together. Traced it to a new fuel pump, all was well. For about a month. Same symptoms, so I put a better pump on and it ran like a top, for a couple of days. checked the pump, was working fine. started checking all the vac. lines put new plugs in(they were due) again ran great for a day or two.

Noticed while I had the air cleaner off and running, that the 2 tubes coming up from the exhaust manifold were blowing a lot of air into the cleaner housing. I am thinking maybe my exhaust is clogged up causing my problems.??? my muffler does have a couple holes in it on the engine side and the back is even worse.

Any help would be greatly appreciated..

Sideways s12
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Re: 1984 truck runs, barely

Postby Sideways s12 » Mon Jul 11, 2016 3:31 am

Maybe sticky injectors or clogged cat? Clogged fuel filter? I'd check those.

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Re: 1984 truck runs, barely

Postby Hal_Armes » Fri Sep 02, 2016 7:51 am

Mine came with a universal fuel pump. They don't last long but should last longer than a few days. The filters/strainers last even less time but should also last longer than that. Mine vary from several months to a few years. I stopped using the supplied screw-in type filters/strainers that are mounted to the rear end of the pumps and started using a plastic fuel filter fastened by tubes and thus far this seems to be working better for me. My carburetor plunger also tends to tear up rather quickly & it had carburetor trouble when I bought it 7 years ago & the problems come and go but I have a new carburetor ordered and hope that will solve the problem for a long time.

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