07g356mt coupe revup VQ37HR SWAP NEED ADVICE

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07g356mt coupe revup VQ37HR SWAP NEED ADVICE

Postby Traits_J » Sat Feb 04, 2017 12:39 am

o heres the situation

07 g35 coupe 6mt revup needs a new engine

i plan on putting in an engine from a g 37 but i have a few things to take into consideration and some learning yet to do.

i would like to use a VQ37HR engine, along with it i will be using the g37 transmission, harness, ecu, driveshaft and mounts the computer will be flashed by our good friends at z speed. I will be building my own harness once i figure out exactly what engine i am using.


what is different about the VHR engines
what is VVEL?

people have suggested using a vq37hr with vq35hr heads. i dont understand this. perhaps using a VQ37VHR with VQ35HR heads to eliminate the vvel ?

in the end i would basicly like to have a 330 hp na VQ37HR engine in my car what would you suggest as a good combo for block and heads

in the future the car then engine will be fully built, TT, with a 750 whp goal

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